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Why Choose Licensed Home Care

Heritage Home Care is licensed through the Ministry of Education and follows very specific guidelines found in the Child Care and Early Years Act, covering standards for health, fire, safety, nutrition, growth and child development.


We are licensed on an annual basis by a representative from the Ministry of Education and assessed by Toronto Children’s Services Assessment for Quality Improvement. 

As a licensed agency, we recruit, screen, approve and supervise individuals who provide child care in their own homes for children from infancy to 12 years of age. The number and ages of children in each caregiver’s home are regulated to maintain safety and to promote positive responsive relationships. Agency staff, home visitors, act as support to the caregiver, parent and child and conduct monthly visits to the caregiver’s home where together they can identify each child’s strengths, interests and abilities and plan for individual learning on a one on one basis.


Benefits of Home-Based Childcare

A home environment with a lower ratio of children, a steady caregiver, and a flexible routine which meets the individual need for the children, making it an easier transition into care as well as allowing siblings to stay together.  As well as:

  • Your child’s usual home routine can be followed, such as their sleep and meal times.

  • Ensure police checks are carried out for each caregiver and adult resident in the home as well as health and safety checks.

  • Lower Ratio of children, 1 provider for up to 6 children, means less illness and more individual attention.

  • Flexible hours for drop off and pick up.

  • A more affordable cost.

  • The agency handles payments to the caregiver and supplies income receipts.

  • Agency staff maintain safety and sanitary standards as well as ensure nutritious meal plans.  

  • Caregivers can often be found in the same neighborhoods and can escort children to school.

  • The agency working with other support organizations helps children with special needs.

  • Caregivers undergo extensive screening: references checks, medicals for everyone in the home, pet vaccinations, and first aid training.

  • Caregivers are offered workshops to keep their knowledge current, meeting industry and Ministry standards.

  • Caregivers affiliated with a licensed agency are dedicated to working within the Ministry guidelines offering safe programs rich in learning opportunities based on each child’s developmental and emotional needs.

  • Caregivers who are committed to supporting and encouraging a child’s sense of self, their independence through self-help skills and a child’s emotional and social growth.

For more information about child care with Heritage Home Child Care or if you have thought about an exciting career as a Caregiver please contact us at 416-754-8814 or see flyer below. Free Information Sessions every Thursday at 10:00 am (call us for details).

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