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Home Child Care Service Agency in Scarborough

At Heritage Home Child Care & Early Learning Services, we are dedicated to providing you the best options for child care in Scarborough for children ages 0-12. When seeking child care options, we understand that there are lots of choices to consider. A home child care agency provides care in a caregiver’s home. This form of child care combines the warmth of a home environment with the more formal requirements of government regulations. Licensed by the Ministry of Education, Early Years Division, our agency works with home daycare providers to ensure they are maintaining high standards of care under Ontario’s child care regulations, the Day Nurseries Act. Using a regulated home child care provider also enables eligible parents to receive child care subsidies through Toronto’s Children’s Services.

The agency recruits, assesses, trains and supervises dedicated persons (caregivers) to provide child care in their own homes for up to five children. Our qualified Early Childhood Educator’s work with local caregivers to ensure your child receives high quality child care services. Qualified Registered Early Childhood Educators work with each caregiver, enabling them to offer quality care for all children enrolled in the program.

How to Become a Provider

Individuals interested in starting a home child care must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a resident of Scarborough and live in a home. No apartments please.
  • Must attend an information session at our head office (about 45 minutes).
  • When an application is completed, a home assessment is conducted by appointment by our home visitors to determine the suitability of the location and environment.
  • Successful applicants will be required to attend a 6-9 hour pre-service training session at our head office. A cost of $25 for a training binder and training applies. This small cost can be used as a tax deduction.
  • A full medical and a clear vulnerable sector criminal reference check for the applicant and anyone over 18 years of age in the home is required prior to operating. The agency will provide the necessary forms for this.
  • Successful applicants are sent to conduct a 4 hour placement visit to one of our mentoring home child care programs and to one of our child care centers. This is used as an opportunity to learn about the organization and gain experience and knowledge of successful program planning and setting environments that promote learning.
  • Successful applicants will also be required to complete first aid training before accepting children into their home programs. This cost can also be used as a tax deduction.
  • A final safety inspection is conducted by the agency. No children will be placed until any outstanding safety and/or program requirements are met to our high standards. Depending on the applicant’s stock of play materials and furnishings, a small investment may be required on their part. It would be our expectation that every home child care be outfitted with toys, gates and appropriate child-sized furnishings to meet the children’s needs.

Call Today for More Information

Home visitors will work closely with you to ensure your application process is a successful one.

Heritage Home Child Care Services

  • Serves children from birth to 12 years old
  • Ratios in each home is 1 adult to 5 children
  • Homes are located throughout Scarborough
  • Flexible hours of operation, depending on your child care needs
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